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How to Restore a Banned Free Fire Account? Explained

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How to Restore a Banned FF Free Fire Account – For now, those who are looking for ways or tricks on how to return a free fire account that was lost or banned can use this method, so you can get back a free fire account that has been hit. banned.

Actually, there are many ways to restore a free fire account that has been banned by Garena Free Fire, for example, by asking for help from customer service or CS Garena free fire complaining that the ff account has been banned, and it can be tried because there are many who successfully returned the banned ff account.

Most people why the ff account is banned by Garena free fire, generally the player uses fraudulent methods, such as using cheats, using scripts, or using a diamond ff generator, of course, this method is very prone to be banned, Mimin does not recommend friends to use methods like that.

If indeed there are among the readers who experience something like that, namely the ff account is banned, then you just have to apply the steps as Admin provided so that the account can be used again, for more detailed information, please see the full details below.

Restore Banned Free Fire Account

Review of the Causes of Banned Free Fire Accounts

Actually, Mimin has provided the explanation above why the FF account was banned, but here Mimin will try to explain again in detail why the free fire account that is used can be banned, of course, Garena FF will not do something like that if you don’t break it.

Generally, free fire accounts are banned because you use fraudulent methods that can harm others, such as using FF Headshot or Script Cheats, FF Tool Skin, Diamond Generating Generator, and so on.

Things like that are strictly prohibited because they use fraudulent methods that can harm other people, here you can find out why our ff account was banned, the reason is as above, Mimin explained, if you are curious about how to restore an already free fire account. banned, you can immediately see the following.

How to Restore a Banned FF Free Fire Account

If indeed your free fire account is banned, we should no longer need to despair, every problem will certainly have a solution, as well as the problem of your ff account which suddenly gets banned, then you just have to use the trick or method as already Mimin gives this, just go ahead with the tutorial below.

  1. First of all visit the site:
  2. Then select in the Options section then select Support Form and select Image Like Envelope Letter
  3. Please fill in using an email that can be contacted by the free fire Garena and clear account
  4. Then just select the option and select free fire and select an account and others
  5. Then just fill in your ff account ID number along with the free fire account nickname that has been banned
  6. Please make a description of the problems you are currently experiencing which are actually using polite Indonesian
  7. If the form data has been filled in correctly, just click Submit
  8. Later Garena FF will send a reply via the email you just sent. If successful you can get a free fire account login along with a new password
  9. Done

For how to use the Garena ff account help, you can follow the steps above, then later your free fire account can be retrieved, which was previously banned, now you can use it.

Is How To Take FF Account On Banned Work

Maybe some of the readers are also curious about whether this method can work or not, Mimin will explain how it works for a free fire account, so this method gives huge profits, you can say it works but it may not.

This is dependent on Garena free fire, even though at least we have tried, as much as possible and wrote the right or appropriate reasons, so if you are lucky then an FF account that is banned or suspended can also be obtained, because this method is 40% successful.

The final word

Maybe that’s all I can say, the way to restore a free fire account that has been suspended or banned is like the one above, you just need to use these steps, if you’re lucky the account will come back again, but if it’s not lucky the account can’t. returned again, thank you.