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Injector apps have revised the gaming styles & techniques successfully. Nowadays, modern gamers don’t fall into complications regardless of the nature of a game. Likewise, the maniacs of Mobile Legends Bang Bang are busy discovering the ways to take over this game. As a result, they could create tools that can make changes inside the game. Currently, the opening of premium items without money is no more a big deal. For instance, Zong Xotic Patcher is a newborn tool to inject dozens of free & quality skins into the MLBB.

Since Zong Xotic Patcher is under the test, therefore it contains free costumes for Fighter, Assassin & Marksman only. We hope the developer will add the remaining stuff very soon. If you are a fan of Mobile Legends, then add this app to your top injector list. Though, it offers only one item in its early stages. Yet, the value of these Free ML Skins is undeniable. To consider it an inferior or low-quality app is not fair. Just install it free of cost from this page. And turn the tables most easily.

Get MLBB Skins Using Zong Xotic Patcher:

The function & pattern of this tool is the same as the other injectors/patchers follow. Remember that you can use it on your Android phones only. Hence, it is beneficial for those gamers who play MLBB using this Operating System. Here are the details of the available ML Skins & Heroes.

  • Fighter; 04 Skins for each Aldous, Alucard, Chou & Zilong.
  • Assassin; 04 Skins for each Fanny, Gusion, Lancelot & Selena.
  • Marksman; 04 Skins for each Claude, Granger, Roger & Yi Sun-Shin.
  • Some suggested skins for different heroes are also attainable.
  • Collectively, you can utilize 48+ ML Skins for 12+ Characters.
  • Different kinds of costumes are present, like Special, Epic, Star, Lightborn, Elite, etc.
  • More importantly, it has added the STUN skin for multiple heroes.

Like other gamers, if you too don’t have sufficient ML Diamonds, then install Zong Patcher app. Doubtlessly, it injects the selected items quickly. Besides it, we have shared ML Diamond Generator Apps on our website. Thus, install them if you crave more comforts in the game. Smart & intelligent gamers save their money using these patching tools secretly. Also, we advise our readers to use a Virtual/Parallel Space app. Indeed, it is a safer, tested & best way to cheat in the game. Or else, you may get a ban.

Features of Zong Xotic Patcher:

  • This version brings new & updated Skins.
  • UI designs improved.
  • Fix bugs on scripts.
  • However, it is not usable for Android 11.
  • Latest app with advanced qualities.
  • It works without a password.
  • Free to download & use.
  • It injects free MLBB Skins successfully.
  • STUN Skins are also available for different avatars.
  • Ad-free experience.
  • Even unrooted devices can run it.
  • No complications in downloading & injecting the skins.


Zong Xotic Patcher APK is a free source to earn ML skins to revamp the skills of different avatars. So, click the download link and install it now. Then, you can use it without difficulties. It simply downloads & injects a selected skin directly into the game. And when you open the Mobile Legends, it is usable. Dozens of other Injectors/Patchers and Diamond Generating tools are present on this platform. Moreover, there are no charges for any of the services.

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July 22, 2021