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Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Review:

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Adventurous games are among the top mobile games since they bring unique stories & tasks to challenge us. For this, various stimulating games are accessible on the web to test your abilities. If you want to play story-based games on your smartphone, you can find many on the Play Store. However, Summertime Saga APK is not available there. Though it provides you special fun & adventure yet, its story is only for adults. You have to find out your father’s murderer while living an average life.

Indeed, it seems impossible to point out the murderer due to enormous diversions in the story. However, it is your main task in the game, and you have to do it by & by. Are you ready to become a part of this adventurous & suspension game? Then, download Summertime Saga APK for your Android and start it now.

Story & Gameplay:

It is a story of a schoolboy whose father has been killed by someone. Ultimately, all his debts taken from the mafia transfer to the boy & his family. As a player, you have to play this role in the game. So, get ready for challenging tasks. You have to meet with the murderer while living a simple life of a schoolboy. Since the game attracts a Western audience, it contains hot & nude female characters in your vicinity. So, you can meet those erotic ladies & girls to investigate.

Sometimes you have to build new relationships by dating these females. A strong bonding will ensure a good relationship. Hence, Summertime Saga is an adult story-based game in which you come across 18+ visuals on certain occasions. On the other hand, you can visit any part of your city at any time to find your goal. Complete the daily tasks and then go to sleep for the next day. In this way, you will complete the adventure one day. Your school life will be like an ordinary boy.

However, all these distractions are only to divert your thinking from the main objective. So, don’t get much busy with these tasks. The more you are focused on the target, the more quickly you will point out the murderer. In daily life, you have to make yourself a worthy person. For this, improve your physic by going to the gym, participate in rap battles, and so on. All the characters will become a fan of you, and it will help you collecting information about the killer.

Overall, the graphics are intense & enchanting. So, colorful 3D animations keep you engaged till the end. Characters, Buildings, Animals, Utensils; all are similar to their original forms.

Features of Summertime Saga:

  • The game is a classic graphical adventure for adults.
  • Donations on Patreon support it.
  • Its story develops gradually with suspense.
  • There is a total of three quests you can play here.
  • You live an ordinary life and investigate the killer by meeting different people.
  • Also, you have to collect some specific objects to fulfill a level in the game.
  • At school, you spend your time in Art Classroom, Library, Sports Ground, etc.
  • Your growth & development occurs sequentially.
  • Building romantic relations with hot girls is a fascinating part of Summertime Saga.
  • Finally, you become a wise & mature guy over time.
  • Different male & female characters will either help or distract you.
  • By unlocking new in-game items, you can make your journey easier & faster.
  • The beginning & end of the story is interesting.
  • You will interact with adult content, like images, expressions, etc.
  • Animations, characters, surroundings, etc., are smooth & stable.
  • Now, it is an updated & free game for all.

How to install & play the Summertime Saga APK?

  1. You can download it right from this page. It is free to download & use.
  2. Then, enable the installation of third-party apps in your phone to install it successfully. Go to Settings<Security<Unknown Sources, and that’s it.
  3. Now, you have installed the latest APK file of Summertime Saga on your Android. So, open it by clicking the game icon.
  4. Finally, start playing it by mode. Explore the Setting area to see the options you can utilize. Thus, the journey begins with a different story.
  5. Keep an eye on the statistics, like Your Money, Health & Energy, etc., to play actively.


Hence, Summertime Saga is a unique experience since it belongs to a Dating Story/Visual Novel. Many games have come in the market after this adult game. However, it is better than many of them. Still, it is not the best or last game of this genre. And you can find several similar stories. However, it is a favorite of adventure, fun & romantic game lovers. If you want to jump into this suspense story, then get the game downloaded to your device. Honestly, you don’t have to pay for it at any point. Guys visit homepage to explore other applications and games. Thanks

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August 29, 2021