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Sameer Virtual GL Review:

Sameer Virtual GL (Global) is an Android tool that assists PUBG players to hack PUBG Mobile updated season. The application authorizes you to carry multiple accounts for all of your gaming needs. Using this simple application, you can make a copy of all applications and games available on Android Os.

The application is lite in size and it’s considered the best Android virtual application. And it gives you a way to cheat PUBG Mobile game. And the title GL indicates that this main purpose of developing this app is to provide an entrance for hack PUBG Mobile Global version. Sameer Virtual will allow you in creating 2nd account (guest account) and with this account, you can hack PUBG without getting any ban.

About Sameer Arora GL Virtual:

PUBGM and Lite are the best online games in gaming history. Around the global village billions of peoples playing this game daily for fun and joy. And it will bring fresh updates with time to keep users engage.

We are here with a simple and smooth hack for PUBG Global latest edition. You can need a hacking application along with this app. This app will make your activities undetectable, which means officials can’t track your illegal hacking actions.

Not only this but you can also clone other apps and games of your devices. According to your needs and desire, you can manage multiple accounts. And the best thing without any on/off you can jump from one account to another account.

How to setup Sameer Virtual (Global)?

The downloading link is available above of page. Download and install on your preferred device and run the virtual. Next, clone the PUBG global version of the game and the hacking app you want.

Next, start the game the virtual and run the application in background and bear in mind you should need to allow some permissions print on the device screen.

After allowing the permissions, you can enjoy the PUBGM with unlimited cheats and hacks without receiving any instant and permanent ban.

Sameer Virtual GL Features:

The application is a hub of features, but I am going to enlist some main features of the app. The features are not limited; I am just sharing some great features.

  • This app is free to download and it doesn’t contain any type of promotional content.
  • You can conveniently make a clone of any app and game within one click.
  • Provide a secure port to use hacks and cheats.
  • It will create a unique virtual identity.
  • Hide IP address, location, and other important things.

Is it safe to run Sameer Arora Virtual app on Android?

According to great developers of the application, this application bypasses all security loopholes and it safe to use. Because of the 3rd party applications, we don’t provide any kind of guarantee or safety. If you are willing to use it then you can process on your behalf.

Is it legal to use this App?

The application is used for all kinds of purposes legal and illegal. But it depends on you for what kind of purpose you want to use it. You can use this for hacking purpose or just use for cloning apps and games. Illegal use can cause you trouble, so use it professionally.

How to download the APK file?

There is no rocket science in downloading the app APK file. For downloading app one-click installation file tap on the download button available above of page. The file is tested and It is safe to use, so use without any fear.

And keep in mind this app is not available on Google Play Store, so don’t install any application from the play store relate to this app.

How to install the APK file on Android OS?

The application is currently not in Play Store and its nature is 3rd party app. Therefore, you have to alter some settings of Android mobile phones.

  1. Locate the option “unknown source” on the device setting.
  2. Once it is found, enable it.
  3. Close the setting tabs.
  4. Go to the file manager and locate the download folder.
  5. Locate the app APK file of the given application and tap on it.
  6. Next, click on the install text (icon).
  7. When done, open the app and enjoy the benefits.


Sameer Virtual GL is the most suitable and easiest way to clone apps and games even best for hack PUBG and other battle royale games. Now, it depends on your thinking but uses it in the circle of law. Also, share your toughs regard this app in the comment section.

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August 28, 2020