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RDM87 Injector Review:

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One of the most successful MOBAs is the Mobile Legends Bang Bang. You can enjoy epic battles between legendary fighters free of cost. Indeed, there are no charges to start the game for new gamers. And they can play it without skills up to certain levels, even in the absence of pro items. Yet, when they get addicted to the gameplay, they crave to modify it. But it is expensive. If you want to customize your ML Characters & Gameplay, then the updated edition of RDM87 Injector is ready for you, and it is related to New IMOBA 2021.

Though it is already popular among the fans, and they are achieving remarkable things in the game. But the newest updates will win your heart. For instance, the addition of Menu Skin to Skin, Skin Custom, and Effects are critical for you. Apart from it, Drone, Skins, ML Effects have made you feel good so far. In summary, the excellent mod app is now more beneficial & stronger than its previous forms. Grab the RDM87 Injector APK for your Android phone and modify the game instantly & effortlessly. It is a free & easy app.

Available hacks in RDM87 Injector:

All the hacks are present in four major groups. So, let explore them one by one.

Drone View

2x, 3x, 4x & 5x are different ranges of a drone camera. Also, it offers you Tablet View and Backup Drone & Tablet options.

ML Skin

The new version of RDM87 Injector is rich in free costumes for ML characters. It has added two more categories containing many skins. Now, there are a lot of ML Skins available under the umbrella of these four groups.

  • All Skin MLBB
  • All Skin Painted
  • Upgrade Skin
  • Skin Anime/Custom

All Effect

Similarly, Battle Effects are more than you wish. Overall, you have the following choices in this field.

  • 42+ Recalls
  • 10+ Respawn
  • 12+ Elimination
  • Notification is coming soon.

Battle Emote

Besides all, the developer has separated this section from other ML elements. And he increased the number of emotes.

  • 40+ Battle Emotes are usable in the ML fights.
  • Delete Emote feature is also available.

What’s new in latest version?

It is more important to know about the new additions to this tool. Resultantly, you will find it impressive, faster & better than ever. So, the following are the main changes.

  • Add sistem work Android 11
  • 2 Hero Skin upgrade 1.Alpha
  • Menu Backsound
  • Perbaikan Bug pink
  • Drone view
  • fix bug
  • Support all devices

Features of RDM87 Injector:

  • It is a reliable tool that is still active after a long time.
  • More & more updates are refining it with time.
  • Simple UI & free access makes it attractive.
  • Free of ads & passwords
  • Blue & white UI is beautiful & catchy.
  • It is suitable only for Androids 8-10.
  • Easy to install & use.
  • No premium charges at all.
  • Stable & effectual tool for MLBB.
  • Anti-ban & anti-detect features.


So, uninstall the previous version, and get this new one without wasting time. All the above outstanding hacks are achievable painlessly. You can download & inject all these items into the game. Not only the ML Heroes but other things are also improvable in no time. If you want to enhance your skills by hook or by crook, RDM87 Injector is the right choice, and it can be easily downloaded from official site APKMole.com (Best site to get apps and games for Android).

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October 14, 2021