New IMoba 2021

New IMoba 2021

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5.0 +
v3.5 (Part 45)

New IMoba 2021 Review:

You would be aware that Moonton has made a few fine updates in Mobile Legends Bang Bang. These renovations are mainly for ML characters. No doubt, constant improvements are essential in a game as the users insist on it. Hence, MLBB holds this tradition firmly. On the other hand, each update in this game also forces the Mod app developers to upgrade their tools. In this regard, the next part of New IMoba 2021 Injector has come with splendid improvements. It will add in its qualities exceeding the users’ expectations.

The principal elements you have already enjoyed in New IMoba 2021 include the ML Skins, Drone Camera, Effects for Battle, Backgrounds, Customizable Maps, and many other things. More importantly, 50+ Painted Skins are enjoyable at no cost. Indeed, each item present in this tool has a distinct role in reaching you to the final destination. All fans are excited after receiving this novice version since they have played the MLBB exceptionally, owing to it. Hence, upgrade your loved tool for more achievements in the iconic MOBA. Also, it is free from A to Z.

No doubt, every one of us can participate in the MLBB without pro items. Then, why should you apply a mod tool, like the New IMoba 2021 or Nix Injector? Remember, if you rely only on a few Items given by Mobile Legends to the players, then you can’t move forward from a certain point. And each time when you start the battle, the pro players will kick you out instantly. In conclusion, pro ML items are conditional on surviving longer, winning the game, and achieving rewards.

Features New IMoba 2021:

You can inject the following objects in MLBB without spending capital on them. In truth, the need for ML diamonds, golds, battle points, and other currencies is no more essential. Let have a look at the following list of cheats.

Unlock All ML Skin:

Verily, it is the most needed & high-value ingredient that changes the gameplay wholly. The more choices regarding ML Heroes & their Skins you have, the easier it is to win the game. You can unlock a large pile of costumes for nothing.

  • Free skins for Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Tank, Support
  • Even 8+ outfits are accessible for some avatars.
  • The backup feature is also ready to undo an action.
  • Moreover, 54 Painted Skins in this edition, along with a Remove option.

Unlock Battle Effects:

Each battle effect has a separate role in the game. If you can utilize these effects, your gaming power will be more than other participants. To illustrate,

  • Effect Recall is the ability of your avatar to come back after its death or damage given by the frontiers. Most prominent are M1 Glory, Blazing, Carp Wind, Christmas, Fire Crown, and 35+ others.
  • Effect Respawn is small animations that appear differently in many places in ML. The list includes The Arrival of the Sword, Super Descent, 2019 M1 Glory, and so on.
  • Effect Elimination is in your access. Starlight, Calamity, EVOS M1, KO, and many others are examples available in New IMoba 2021 app.
  • Battle Notifications inform you about different things in the game. Get it free now.

More Cheats:

The rest of the features are accessible under the umbrella of More Menu. These are also fabulous things to make you a professional player.

  • Unlock Battle Emotes
  • Unlock Analog Custom MLBB
  • Custom Intro for MLBB
  • Unlock Themes for Backgrounds

Emotes let you talk with friends. While the other three elements furnish your gameplay as you wish. So, you can show off your skills to competitors. It will increase your value doubtlessly.

Custom Maps:

Maps guide you to kill the enemies effectively. Here you can enjoy these two options. Also, follow the given guidelines regarding these maps to attain their purpose.

  • Map Ultra HD Imperial
  • Map Mode Night Imperial

Unlock Drone View:

Perhaps, it is a unique feature of Mobile Legends. In addition to the horizontal view on the battlefield, the aerial view is also a game-changer. The top view enables you to decide where to go in the game. The following ranges are functional at the moment.

  • Increase Drone view 2X, 3X, 4X, and 5X.
  • Tablet View is also in your hands.
  • Finally, the Delete All Drone feature removes the injected camera range.
  • For safety purposes, use the view drones three times only.

Additional features of New IMoba 2021:

  • Free & latest injector app
  • A beautiful UI with simple controls
  • No errors & problems
  • Free of ads, passwords, registrations, etc.
  • Anti-ban tool
  • Usable without a virtual space app
  • Frequently updated app
  • Hundreds of thousands of ML fans have used it so far.
  • Many other comforts as well

What’s New in New IMoba 2021?

Since we are taking into account the latest edition of this tool, it is essential to tell you about the recent improvements. It covers the following areas indeed. And you will experience extra benefits ultimately.

  • Add Sistem Android 11
  • Add 2 Hero Upgrade Skin 1. Alpha 2. Gatotkaca
  • 3 New Tema UI Project Next 3.0
  • 2 Background ML
  • Perbaikan Skin Penyebab Bug Pink
  • Perbaikan Performa APK Imoba & Fix Bug

Download, install & usage method?

You need to have MLBB on the same device in which you download this tool. In this way, you will find your goal.

  1. First, uninstall the old version before moving towards the new one. Then, you can start downloading by tapping the correct link right on this page.
  2. Complete installation. Both these steps take only a few minutes. Thus, it is not a time-consuming process.
  3. Now, open the app. It asks you to enter a Username. It’s just a formality, don’t worry.
  4. Ultimately, you will access the Menu to get your favorite cheats. A pop-up tells you about the recent changes in the app.
  5. When you inject an item, do read the instructions not to face the failures. That’s it.


Though, New IMoba 2021 APK is a third-party app. Yet, it is safe to use. We have witnessed its validity from the time of its arrival. Therefore, its worth is increasing with each update. We usually advise you to use Guest Accounts for such mod tools for the extra safety of your device & ML account. The reason is, once you get banned, all your progress ends eventually. However, we didn’t get complaints against New IMoba 2021 Injector APK to date. So, you can install this securer tool without any fear.

Additional Information

October 15, 2021