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Jeic Injector Review:

Jeic Injector is an august free skin Injecting tool for Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Indeed, you can unlock many more costumes for different ML heroes with this elegant Android app. It will furnish your favorite avatars with rare & diverse skins at a stroke. However, it is the first version of this newly created app. Hence, other gaming stuff will be available in the next version. If your ML account is empty, and you can’t buy the required in-game currency, then download this injector without any delay. Moreover, its is similar to YURI Patcher, ZDIE Patcher & RHESIG.

Mobile Legends has become a favorite battle arena for millions of gamers. Each new update in this game makes the fans happy and attract new users also. On the other hand, premium Items are disappointing the majority of ML lovers. There is no other way to open the locked pricey elements except for the mod apps & injectors. Therefore, hardcore gamers are creating masterpieces. If your old tools are not working, then don’t worry. It happens whenever MLBB makes changes in its gameplay. You can always visit this site for sturdy apps like Jeic Injector.

Features of Jeic Injector:

Statistics reveal that thousands of fans buy skins from Moonton, the developers of Mobile Legends. In this way, they are generating millions of dollars annually. Yet, the percentage of such gamers is very low. Instead, a major part of MLBB players uses free resources such as the Jeic Injector. So, let discover what it offers without demanding a single penny.

Unlock ML SKIN

No doubt, it is the priciest element, and very few can dare to purchase it. But this injector app has the following freebies.

  • Skins for Assassin, Mage, Marksman, Fighter, Tank & Support are getable.
  • Star, Special, Epic, Light, Elite, Legend, Zodiac, M2, Collector, STUN, Limited, Hero, etc., kinds are present.
  • Dozens of Heroes are customizable using hundreds of costumes.
  • Some avatars have very few options, while others have multiples.
  • When you click a Skin, all the details about it come up.

Other Cheats

Jeic Injector is offering the ML Skins only. But its menu shows other stuff too. It means we can get more fun shortly with this tool. Yet, you have to keep patience.

  • Analog
  • Emote
  • Drone
  • Recall
  • Map

Other features of Jeic Injector:

While using the Jeic Injector app, you will enjoy the following comforts as well.

  • Free to Use; Like other mod tools, it doesn’t have any charges for its services.
  • No Password; The developer has made it a public object by not locking it with a code.
  • Safe & Sound; Since it is the latest app, it is safer than the older ones.
  • 100% Working; Skins are achievable practically. So, there is no hidden malware in it.
  • Simple UI; The layout is straightforward, and you can pick the desired freebies easily.
  • No Bugs & Errors; It is working without any lag. Moreover, there is no issue with it.
  • Classified Content; A good classification of all the material makes it a reputable tool.
  • Compatibility; Happily, it is suitable for the latest MLBB version and almost all Androids.

Besides these facilities, the users of Jeic Injector may feel a few disturbances. However, the benefits of the tool dominate its cons. A few prominent disadvantages would be.

  • Advertisements; Whenever you open a group of cheats, an ad appears continuously. Yet, we don’t consider it a big problem. You can close the ads by tapping the cross button in a second.
  • Third-party App; Jeic Injector is not an official or legal tool for Mobile Legends. So, be careful as it may harm your ML account. Resultantly, all your gaming scores will finish in a minute.

Tips on How to Prevent Banned Using Cheats:

Experts & Mod developers have shared some tips & tricks for novice players. So, they can follow these golden rules to avoid account blocking issues while hacking the game. It includes the following points.

  • Never use an old or expired mod app or script to control the game. In other words, a new & advanced tool is always recommended for successful gaming.
  • Clear the cache regularly from your Mobile Legends game & the tool you are using. Indeed, it affects to a great extent.
  • Similarly, inject the cheats as instructed by the developer. Otherwise, you may face trouble if you try to apply your methods.
  • Last but not least, always use a guest account to cheat in the game. Since these fake accounts have no identities, therefore ML servers are unable to ban them.


We are not the developers/promoters of Jeic Injector APK. Instead, we analyzed it in detail for our readers searching for a sturdy app for Mobile Legends, Bang Bang. We not only described its features but also guide you about safety measures. Now, you can download & install it from the given link on this page. It is free & public property. You can customize the MLBB heroes by changing their looks with stunning costumes. Are you brave enough to break the rules? Then, it is solely for you. If you find it insufficient, then many others are also handy on this platform. Just visit the homepage.

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October 16, 2021